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Meetings are held the last Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at the Seattle R.E.I. flagship store.

2009-2010 Meeting Schedule
If you have any ideas for programs please contact
Judy Blake or Linda Roubik

  • September 22, 2009 - Puget Sound Orcas - Amazing Research and New Regulations

    Scientists led by Dr. Sam Wasser, Director of the UW's Center for Conservation Biology, have pioneered some unique methods to examine the causes of the killer whale decline in Puget Sound. They measure stress, nutrition, and reproductive hormones in killer whale feces. Dr. Wasser will talk about his latest research using scat detection dogs trained to ride on the bow of a boat and locate killer whale fecal samples floating on the water. (You'll see slides of Tucker, the black lab, standing on the poop deck of the research boat.)

    Then Speaker for the Fleet Randy Brook will let you know how kayakers may be significantly affected by proposed new regulations to protect the orcas. Now is the time for kayakers to make their views known to the government, before the rules become final.

  • October 27, 2009 - A NORTHWEST KAYAKING ADVENTURE: 900 miles down the Salmon, Snake and Columbia rivers to the Pacific

    When Mike Barenti set out to kayak 900 miles from the mountains of Idaho to the Pacific Ocean - alone - he had two missions in mind: to experience a grand adventure and to track the travels and travails of the salmon that journey the three rivers he paddled: the rapids-riddled Salmon, the dam-studded Snake and the mighty Columbia.

    In his book, 'Kayaking Alone,' and in his upcoming talk before the Seattle Sea Kayak Club, Barenti - a former journalist at several Northwest newspapers -- recounts his marathon paddle and what it taught him about himself as well as about the survival challenges to that Northwest icon, the wild salmon.
    Barenti also takes a look at contentious proposals to remove some dams to enhance salmon survival.

    And for kayakers interested in paddling segments of those rivers, he'll offer information on campgrounds and other facilities.

  • November 24, 2009 - Sea Kayaking with Everglades Alligators

    Ivan Molton takes us on a 10 day journey from Flamingo to Chokoloskee, in the Florida Everglades. His subtitle is "kayaking in the heat . . . with bugs . . . in the mud . . . around alligators . . . and around bull sharks." The group of 5 camped the entire way, sometimes on beaches, and sometimes on raised platforms called chickees that have been built where there are only mangroves or mud. As there is no fresh water along this coast, he will tell us about the water management systems they devised. We'll also hear about the flora, the fauna, the fish you can catch, the fish you can't catch, and the fish you shouldn't catch!

  • December 29, 2009 - No Meeting

    Happy Holidays!

  • January 26, 2010 - Kayaking Croatia and the North Cascades: Adventures Far and Near

    A two-part program - one part set in Southeastern Europe, the other amid Washington's North Cascades -- will offer a sharp contrast in paddling experiences.

    DeDe Chinlund's digital slide show will provide a glimpse of Croatia and its paddling attractions. Using a commercial "mother ship" as their base, Chinlund and others kayaked and sailed between the cities of Dubrovnich and Split on the Adriatic Sea. The weather was warm, the food was good and history was everywhere.

    In a different vein was a paddling trip led by Marlla Mhoon on Baker Lake in Washington's North Cascades. Though just a couple-hour drive from Seattle, the lake's forested east side offers a wilderness feel, great views of Mt. Baker, relaxed paddling and plentiful tent sites. Debi Scacco and Judy Blake will present digital slides of the trip.

  • February 23, 2010 - Sea Kayaking in Alaska's Prince William Sound

    A tale of two trips - inspired by last year's SSKC program by Gerry Bashein and Diane Reeves on sea kayaking in Alaska's Prince William Sound, club members ventured there again this past June, on two different trips. Though just one week apart, very different weather luck led to different types of memories. But all got their fill of glaciers, icebergs and sea otters!

    A private trip of 5 club members (Pete Weiner, Sharon O'Grady, Diane Civic, Kathy Pendras and Linda Roubik) re-explored the College Fjord area, north of Whittier. They got dropped off by water taxi at Coghill Point, and were picked up at Hobo Bay. Over 8 days they paddled past the massive Yale and Harvard tidewater glaciers, and numerous others named for Eastern colleges by the 1899 Harriman Expedition. One of their more amazing experiences was captured on video - a spontaneous implosion of a house-sized iceberg.

    Whereas the first group enjoyed almost perfect weather, Curt Mobley, on a Sierra Club trip of 12 the following week, had 2 glorious days followed by 6 days in a row of pouring rain. But he got enough of his usual wonderful photos in those first days, and came back with some good storm stories. That trip also used a water taxi, but instead headed south of Whittier. They got dropped off at Dual Head between Icy Bay and Whale Bay, and explored into Nassau Fjord. They were greeted by plenty of humpback whales and orcas.

    Come relive these experiences, and possibly start planning your own trip!

  • March 30, 2010 - The Bowron Lakes Kayak/Canoe Circuit

    The Bowron Lakes are a chain of wilderness lakes between mountains of the British Columbia's Cariboo range about 550 miles from Seattle. Paddlers can complete the 100-k circuit (with an additional 11 k of portages) in five or six days. The experience includes pristine mountain scenery, comfortable campsites with firewood, a little fast water, a hike to a 24 m falls, and moose and other wildlife sightings. Reservations for the circuit open the beginning of January at 1-877-878-9601.

  • April 27, 2010 - Got a favorite kayaking gadget? Share your secrets!

    Let's face it - kayakers are gear geeks. Get a bunch of us together and sooner or later we'll be swapping info about our favorite stuff: footwear that keeps your feet dry; a waterproof deck bag; a great sling to help you carry a loaded boat; a compact way to bring spices for camp cooking.

    You probably have some favorite kayaking or camping gadgets of your own - and now is your chance to share what you've learned. Everybody is invited to bring an item or two to the April 27th SSKC meeting and tell us why the item works for you and might work for others.

    The equipment could be new or old; an item you purchased or made yourself; something to wear, to use in your boat or to make kayak-camping easier or more comfy.

    Or you could bring an item that did NOT work for you and explain why it didn't.

    For both new and veteran kayakers, this will be a chance to learn more about experience-tested gear from the experts -- your fellow paddlers.

    It's been years since an SSKC meeting featured an idea-swap on gear. It was a hit program back then, and we think you'll find it fun and informational now.

    A special bonus: Member John Wilson will reprise his entertaining presentation on the many uses of that old standby of the outdoors, the bandana. Don't miss it.

  • May 25, 2010 - Kayaking Vancouver Island's Battle Bay

    The waters and shorelines of Vancouver Island have long been a playground for Northwest kayakers and proved so once again when a group of Seattle-area paddling friends headed north to Battle Bay on the island's west side.

    Judy Moyer will take us along on the adventure with digital photos and tales of the trip, which found the 10 kayakers paddling amid small islands and wilderness scenery near Vancouver Island's rugged north end.

    A notable feature of this group -- a 50-year range in ages -- provides good ideas for others planning a trip involving kayakers with a wide range of experience, abilities and comfort levels.

    This group, for instance, set up a base camp, so an individual who felt uncomfortable with a particular day paddle - or who simply wanted to veg out for a day - could stay in camp.

    Moyer will share details of this and other features of a memorable trip in that great kayaking playground to our north.

  • June 28, 2010 - OUR ANNUAL PICNIC
    The Social Event of the season is on Tuesday, June 28. We gather between 5:00 and 6:00 P.M. and the pizza arrives at 6:30 P.M. (Hint: don�t be too late or it will be all gone). Come to Magnuson Park on Lake Washington and look for shelter #1. Some of us will be coming early to hold the table.

  •  Jul-Aug, 2010 - Gone Paddling!!!! See you in September.

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