Date #Days    Description Level
March 1 Cypress Island Circumnavigation: 16 nautical miles.  Launch from Youngs County Park, Guemes Island.  Limit 6 III
March 1 Arcadia to Hope Island:  Polar Bear trip (canoes and kayaks. I
March 1 Washington Water Trails Auction - check web site for details  
April 1 Hood Canal - Union to Twanoh:  Launch 10:00 am at Union near the Big Bend.  Cross to explore the north shore including the Tahuya River, then cross back for lunch at Twanoh State Park.  On the south shore return, we'll look for the house of Bill Gates Sr. (with helipad!).  16 miles round trip. III
April 1 Redondo to Dash Point:  From Redondo Beach.  Follow shore to Dash Point and return (about 10 miles). II
April 1 Lake Washington Evening Paddle  leaving from Magnuson Park.  7pm II
April 1 Round Devil's Head-Joemma State Park to Long Branch: 8-9 nautical miles, depending on weather and group wishes.  Shuttle involved III
April 1 Birding Marrowstone Island   This is Randy’s favorite close-in area for birding by kayak. If the herring are running in Mystery Bay, there could be thousands of sea birds. If not, just hundreds, but still with many different species. Launch site is mid-morning at Mystery Bay State Park or Fort Flagler, depending on wind conditions. Leisurely paddling mostly, with lots of stops to watch. Bring binocs for sure. Maximum 8 plus leader.  I
April 1 Owens Beach to Titlow Beach:   Under the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  Watch new construction from the water.  Round Trip III
April 1 Circumnavigate Fox Island:  13 nautical miles II+
April 1 Dabob Bay Oyster Fest:  Launch at Point Whitney, cross the bay to our own secret oyster beach,
pick a peck at low tide, slurp them raw or grilled, tour the bay on our return.

May 1 Duwamish River:  From South Center to the mouth of the Duwamish. II
May 1 "Almost" Full Moon Paddle:  Meet at Alki Beach in the evening.  Pizza afterward, bring money.  Must have all standard safety gear.  Call before May 8th for details II+
May 3 San Juan Triple Crown #1 – One Day Circumnavigation of San Juan  Launch from Washington Park and paddle around the south side of Lopez to Turn Island to camp.  On day two, circumnavigate San Juan Island, returning to Turn Island.  On day three, return to Washington Park.  Paddling days of 18, 31, & 13 nm. III
May 2 Yakima River:  John Wilson and Faulene Main overnight at Reds Fish Camp.  Canoes and preferably river kayaks, but sea kayaks have been okay in the past.  III
May 1 Lake Washington Evening Paddle  leaving from Magnuson Park.  7pm II
May 1 Black River:  Canoes and Kayaks.  Slow moving river.  Launch to lunch spot and return.  No shuttle required. I
May 2 Pugit Sound Kayak Symposium   Owens beach Tacoma I
June 3 San Juan Triple Crown #2 – One Day Circumnavigation of Orcas Island:  Launch from Washington Park and paddle to Obstruction Pass to camp.  On day two, circumnavigate Orcas Island, returning to Obstruction Pass.  On day three, return to Washington Park.  Paddling Days of 9, 30 and 9 nm. III
June 2 Blake Island Campout:  Leaving from Southworth side.  Potluck dinner.  II
June 2 Pelican Beach on Cypress Island: Launch Anacortes,  lunch on Cypress Head.  Great hiking to Eagle Ridge at Pelican.  Pot Luck dinner.  Possible bioluminescence in first phase moon.  Bring flashlight.  Contact trip leaders for launch details. III
June 1 Lincoln Park to Seahurst      
June 1 Henderson Inlet: See seals, waterfowl & lovely scenery. Launch at Boston Harbor II+
June 3 San Juan Triple Crown #3:  Launch from Washington Park and paddle to Spencer Spit on Lopez to Camp.  On day 2 circumnavigate Lopez, returning to Spencer Spit.  On Day 3 return to Washington Park.  Paddling days of 7, 25 and 7nm. III
June 1 Golden Gardens Picnic & Paddle: Meet at 4:30 pm for potluck.  Evening paddle afterward.  Must have all standard safety gear and lights II
June 5 Ross Lake:  Wonderful scenery, good camping and if the winds come up, interesting kayaking III+
June 1 Lincoln Park to Vashon:  Lunch at Wing Property then Margaritas afterwards.  II+
July 1 Snohomish River  Nice, quiet, leisurely summer paddle.  Bring sunglasses and suntan lotion.  II-III
July 1 Hope Island South:  -3' tide.  Bottom Watching.  Launch from Arcadia to take advantage of lowest tide.  Alternate launch from Boston Harbor see Diane Claussen 253-891-0191 II
July 3 Griffin Bay, San Juan Island:   Launch from Washington Park, Anacortes.  Camp 2 nights at Griffin Bay (Cascadia Marine Trail site).  Day trip Saturday to Lopez Island.  Paddlers must be comfortable crossing Rosario Strait and Cattle Point (tide rips) in potentially rough conditions.  Approximately 40 nautical miles Limit 6 IV
July 1 Chuckanut Bay:  Look for petrified palm trees, lovely shoreline and an easy protected paddle. Lunch on an island. I
July 1 Elliot Bay Crossing:  put in from West 34th, cross to West Seattle for lunch, return late afternoon. II-III
August 1 South Sound Paddle Put in at Herron Island Ferry dock (Long Branch Peninsula).  Paddle to Stretch Island, McMicken Island, Herron Island.  Approx. 12 miles II
August 3 Point Doughty, Orcas Island:      Launch from Gooseberry Point (Lummi Island ferry terminal).  Camp 3 nights at Point Doughty (Cascadia Marine Trail site).  Day trips Saturday and Sunday to destinations to be decided by the group.  Paddlers must be comfortable crossing Rosario Strait in potentially rough conditions. Approximately 50 nautical miles.  Limit 6 IV
August 1 Sunset Paddle:  Launch at Golden Gardens, paddle destination dependent on wind and leader whim.  Call for launch time and details II
August 1 Lake Washington Evening Paddle  Join us for a 2 hour paddle from Enatai Beach.  The park is under the I-90 bridge on the east shore of the lake. II
September 3 13th Annual Fort Flagler Fun Fest.  Friday barbeque.  Saturday paddle to Wooden Boats Show.  Saturday night potluck.  Sunday paddle in Port Townsend Channel.  Stay in Barracks.  Fee $25.00 per person Money in by Sept 1 to reserve your spot. II+
September 3 West Coast Sea Kayak Symposium:   At Fort Warden State Park in Port Townsend.  Try out new boats and learn from the leaders in the industry including on-the-water and land clinics.  Many vendors, some discounts.  
September 1 Crab from your Kayak:     Back by popular demand, crab at a secret location that produces limits frequently.  Meet at 10:00 am, drive and launch at noon. If the weather is good, cook our bounty on the beach or return to our house in Seattle. Limit 8 boats. II
September 1 Lake Washington Evening Paddle - Houghton Beach.  Paddle from Houghton to Juanita Bay where we will watch the sun set and look for beaver.  Lights required for the return paddle to Houghton. III
September 2 Baker Lake Overnight:  Put in at Horseshoe Cove Park and paddle across the lake to Maple Tree Campground.  If weather permits we will see Mt. Baker. III
September 1 Capital Lake: watch the salmon.  Nachos afterwards I
September 1 Everett Slough: From Langus Riverfront Park to Marysville.  Car shuttle required.  Meet at 10:00 am.   Optional lunch after 3 hour paddle at nearby restaurant.  Must have all standard safety gear.  Call for details II
September 2 Circumnavigate Cypress from Washington Park: tents and campfires at Pelican Beach, climb Eagle Cliff  – a beautiful trip to welcome autumn.
October 1 Case Inlet:  Enjoy early fall colors, leaping salmon, and other attractions. II
November 1 Vaughn to Coulter Creek:   Launch 10:00 am at the small town of Vaughn on the east side of Case Inlet and explore the north to the Coulter Creek hatchery.  Follow the west shore past Allyn and then paddle Rocky Bay on the return if we have time.  14 miles round trip. II
November 1 Dungeness Spit:   Paddle from Cline Spit to Dungeness Lighthouse, stop for lunch, then return for supper at the Three Crabs restaurant.  Dungeness Spit is a National Wildlife Reserve.  $3.00 launch fee/family. Sign up early – numbers of visitors are limited. II
November 1 Sequim Bay:     After working off Thanksgiving dinner at Dungeness Spit on Saturday, how about camping at Sequim Bay State Park (or luxuriating in a motel just down the highway?)  Then on Sunday, join us in exploring the sand spits at the entrance to Sequim Bay or the shoreline to the east or west -- we’ll hold our options open for the weather; 7 to 10 miles. Drysuit or wetsuit required.  Maximum 24 paddlers. II